A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine !

About Us

ONCE UPON A TIME ........ That's how all the best stories start, well this one is a bit like that and we love every minute of it!

We bought the business located at the lovely 16th Century "wonky" building with not a straight wall in sight at our location in the historic Droitwich High Street in July 2014. 
The business was originally named after the previous owners grand child Izzy and we have kept the name Izzy Wizzy Sweetiz along with all the favourite well known sweets, chocolates and gift bouquets that are loved and purchased from us every day.

There are lots of other people selling chocolate and sweet gifts, but we wanted to put a real fun look to what we did and over the months, we have created some really quality products suitable for just about any occasion, birthday's, weddings, anniversaries,valentines, christmas, easter and many, many more.
So whatever the occasion, Izzy Wizzy Sweetiz has just the right gift for you ..... after all, everyone loves chocolate !

We would love to see you in our shop, so if you are ever in Droitwich Spa, do come in to see us and say hello and see what we have to offer.